The French family success story

Jeanine Gabory, former chairman of the company, started to run her business in 1985. As a nature lover and suffering with allergies and sensitivities to certain chemical substances, she decided to create her own brand of household cleaning products and personal care entirely elaborated with natural ingredients. She created the brand Fleur des Mauges specialized in home party selling with products that respect human being and the environment.

10 years later, the business was taken over by her son, Samuel, who successfully founded :

  • Alvend Laboratory in 1995, private label manufacturer of eco-friendly detergents and organic cosmetics.
  • Comptoir des Lys in 2005, distribution company  with a portfolio of three brands.
  • Lilas Blanc in 2010, selective organic antiaging skin care brand.
  • Armille Company in 2011, French direct selling company of ecological & organic products.

In order to gather the various  sister companies under a  single  entity, Samuel Gabory decided to create the Group Nature & Stratégie in 2009. With its turnover of more than 20 million Usd, the group has become a major structure in organic and ecological solutions for a healthy future in France. The group earns its profits thanks to Nature, and works to thank Nature back. It takes part of many associations that are active in the making of safe cosmetics and cleaning products, in sustainable development and in increasing public awareness of ecological issues.