Alvend Laboratory

Private label manufacturer of ecological detergents and organic cosmetics.

ALVEND laboratory is a family company created in 1995 to  formulate  and manufacture organic hygiene and  cosmetic products made from renewable vegetable resources for companies wishing to have their own private brands. (O.E.M) Benefiting from a long  experience and expertise. The laboratory engineers and chemists  are able to offer the customers innovative tailor-made  solutions in the field of eco-friendly household cleaning detergents and organic cosmetics.

Research and development
Many  customers wish to have innovative products with their own specificities This includes the integration of new active ingredients, extracts or fragrance  in order to meet their requirements.
This long work on personalized  formulations remain then confidential in order to guarantee the customers the benefits of the exclusivity.

During the entire development process, the laboratory team always remains available to clients to study, elaborate and to adapt to the various types of projects and answer any questions until the product delivery.

Alvend laboratory is among the 10 top European laboratories involved  in the manufacturing of organic cosmetics and the team of engineers and cosmeticians put their  know-how at the customer’s disposal.

As co-founder of the COSMEBIO Charter (defining the first standards for French ecological & organic cosmetics), the laboratory has developed since the year 2000 a real expertise in formulating and manufacturing top quality lines of cosmetics , anti-aging skin care,  personal care and household cleaning products.
Samuel GABORY is the current President of Cosmebio association (nearly 400 members).

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