The Nature & Stratégie brands

The Nature & Stratégie group is made up of four companies and the Alvend laboratory, which designs and produces organic cosmetics and detergents both as white label products and for its specialist distribution companies depending on the type of sales channel.

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Specialist organic retail

Comptoir des Lys distributes numerous non-food brands in the natural household cleaning and personal care sectors to specialist organic retailers. It was founded in 2005 and more than 20 employees now work at the premises in Cholet in the French department of Maine-et-Loire.

Comptoir des Lys strives on a daily basis to give as many people as possible access to products that are ever gentler on the skin and household and kinder to the planet, with a range split into two categories: home and beauty. The company offers more than 400 different items across cosmetics, personal body care, detergents, cooking accessories, and bulk products.

This range consists of own brands and distributed brands in alignment with Comptoir des Lys’ values: Coslys, Les Couleurs de Jeanne, Lilas Blanc, Silvercare, Étamine du lys, Galipoli, If You Care, Fourmi verte, Anibiolys, Capt’hygiène.

When it comes to values, the company upholds a policy of sustainable development and aims to promote diversity, technical expertise, and respect for natural resources. Comptoir des Lys draws on the power of plants to offer enhanced beauty, personal care and home care products. This power is communicated in the field by a sales team to support retail outlets in the promotion of healthy, effective and eco-friendly products with real added value in an increasingly competitive environment.

Online sales

The year 2007 saw the idea of selling effective, healthy, eco-friendly and affordable products online directly from the website.

As an expert producer of home and personal care solutions for the entire family, the blog was intended to help consumers make decisions and to share the strengths of organic products.

In addition to giving tips on how to be a responsible and conscious consumer on the blog, you can find all Comptoir des Lys’ organic personal care products for the whole family, household cleaning products, and everything you need for a healthy home and daily well-being.

Door-to-door sales

Door-to-door distribution is our historical business. What better way to meet people to share convictions and find solutions to environmental issues and topics related to personal health? This door-to-door method was used by Fleur des Mauges to sell its products, explain how to use them, and talk to its customers directly.

Fleur des Mauges later acquired its competitor Armille and formed a single entity, Fleur d’Armille, under the brand name PURE, an acronym for “Partageons Un Rêve Essentiel” (let’s share an essential dream). Today, this philosophy of natural well-being – which spans cosmetics, household cleaning and health thanks to dietary supplements – is shared by 230,000 loyal customers, 20,000 hosts and more than 650 advisors.

Large-scale retail

To sell our products through other sales outlets, we created the Kind – renamed Doux Logis – and Jardin d’Apothicaire brands in 2019 for large and medium-sized retail distribution.

The Doux Logis brand helps you look after your home with the power of nature. It presents a range of 13 natural cleaning products with Ecocert Ecodetergent certification.

Jardin d’Apothicaire BIO, meanwhile, has 21 personal care products for the whole family and centres on bringing nature to your bathroom. They are designed to take care of you with 100% plant-based cleansing bases and up to 99% natural-origin ingredients.