Le tableau représentant l'Arbre de vie rassemble les empreintes digitales de nos partenaires, fournisseurs, clients et collaborateurs présents lors de l'inauguration en septembre 2022.


Devising, designing, producing and promoting
cosmetics and detergents that are
more mindful of living things

Since 1985, the Nature & Stratégie group has stayed true to its roots as a pioneer in natural, organic and environmentally friendly cosmetics and detergents. We present safe and effective products that protect health and limit our environmental impact.

We support consumers on a daily basis by targeting the most frequently used products to maximise the effects of our virtuous approaches.

We believe that, above and beyond our successful formulas, our advice and consumer services set us apart, ensuring optimal use and complete satisfaction.

We think that reducing our environmental impact is a priority if we want to actively protect biodiversity and respond to climate change.

We recognise that organic farming is the most environmentally friendly production method and our best inspiration comes from the wealth of botanical active ingredients from plants found in our region.

Just as organic principles are based on a holistic approach, we strive to minimise the impact of our products throughout their life cycle (design, production, commercialisation, use, and end-of-life).

This demanding process requires both a collective commitment and a synergy of shared actions, both big and small. We work globally and on a smaller scale to build a better world that benefits the planet and living things.

In light of these challenges, the following core commitments allow us to remain involved and vigilant:

1. Working collectively to have better foresight and a positive impact

We choose to take steps together to build a more virtuous ecosystem. The company’s governance, employees and stakeholders enjoy lasting relationships that are guided by shared values and objectives. We recognise our interdependence, which binds us to all parties from farmers to consumers.

2. Developing effective products that put health first

Product performance is essential, but must be achieved without compromising on consumer safety. We are committed to continually improving the naturalness of our products.

3. Responsible sourcing and production

As we are convinced of the wealth of our region’s plant life and to reduce our carbon footprint, we prioritise local and renewable supply chains. We select organically farmed raw materials and adhere to the principles of green chemistry.

4. Limiting our environmental impact

We optimise and reduce our water and energy use as much as possible.

We are committed to adopting 3R strategies (Reduce, Recycle, Reuse):

  • By reducing plastic use.
  • By improving our waste sorting and recycling system.
  • By working on reuse solutions.

5. Fostering lasting relationships built on respect

We are committed to acting fairly in order to meet our needs and those of our stakeholders by adopting a responsible purchasing and sales policy. We ensure that it respects human rights and animal welfare and that there is fair distribution of value in our supply chains.

6. Continually innovating and improving our products

Ever since our company was founded, we have been driven by innovations in both products and industrial processes. We wish to continue to be at the forefront of such approaches, while scrupulously adhering to the specifications and labels that highlight our work.

We are therefore committed to a process of continuous improvement and are looking for ever more innovative and original solutions that will benefit our products while allowing us to remain true to our convictions and original values.

7. Communicating clearly, honestly and transparently

Despite ever-increasing temptation to embellish the truth, we clearly position ourselves as a company that is keen to explain its actions in plain language, even though they may sometimes seem imperfect. We are committed to always being authentic and communicating clearly with all our partners. It is our duty to give our consumers the keys to understanding, to never lie to them and, most importantly, to support them as part of our virtuous approach. We have committed to a number of product standards known for their stringent requirements (e.g. Cosmos, Ecodetergent and Agriculture Biologique [organic farming]), which align with our promises. We also have our approaches approved by independent professional organisations.

8. Working to promote well-being at work

We are committed to supporting the fulfilment of our employees by ensuring high-quality working conditions and relationships, particularly by providing a safe, pleasant, equitable and equal working environment that promotes the integration of everyone.

Let’s work towards a better world, together

Samuel Gabory
CEO of the Nature & Stratégie group